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 Green, Greener or Greenest!

Green, Greener or Greenest? What are they talking about?
 We hope you will by from us but we will restrain ourselves from over selling and share with you our knowledge gained from years of hanging out with bedding industry people.  We came into the industry through a side door reserved for alternative thinkers we called the futon industry. We existed mostly on the fringes of the furniture and bedding industries listening learning and some times just hanging out. Kathy was a cook at the New Riverside Cafe Co-op and making futons at Depth Of Field on the west bank of Minneapolis. Dave was making furniture and selling it at the Uptown Art Fair, Depth of Field, Better Bed on Grand Ave., The Box Shop on Nicollet Ave. and a few other local futon stores.
   Buy what you can afford. Our Green category recognizes the value of long lasting, recyclable, biodegradable, naturalness, sustainable,Local and comfortable are a value not to be over looked.
  Making the decision to buy our Greener category of product starts to push plastics out of your life. Costs more due to natural fibers are not as durable as lets say polyester sheets so they have to be a heavier weight to perform well. In some cases needs to be replaced more often. Some of the beds contain organic elements like cotton batting but the wool and fabric are regular commercially grown.
Enthusiasm for organic has created our Greenest category of product. For those who can afford the best we have a treat for you. Our unbeatable prices on these luxury items combined with our 30 years experience to guide you through the some times questionable information offered on the internet. A purchase in this category promotes a healthy earth and a healthy body.
 I think you will find our store to be different and fun. We hope you will stop by and check us out.

Peace Kathy and Dave.

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